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TPS is a full production professional recording studio located in downtown Oak Bluffs, MA on the island of Martha's Vineyard.
  • TPS uses Logic X for most of the tracking we do here, along with a long line of high-end plugins (Waves Suite, Fabfilter, Valhalla & many more). 

  • For mixing, we use Harrison MixBus 32C V.5. We love MixBus for it's analog simulation technology and amazing plug-ins, all of which mimic the old Harrison analog consoles with their warm and rich sound.

  • TPS uses an Apogee Ensemble with a Focusrite 18i20 for analogue inputs, along with our other outboard gear listed below. We do not have a mixing console and do all our mixing and mastering work 'in the box'. We occasionally pull in other analogue gear for mix-downs or mastering. 

  • TPS utilizes a number of both high-end and 'work-horse' microphones, from the TLM 103's in house, to the Rode K2 Large Diaphram Condensor and SHURE SM81's, to SM57's. See below for a short list:

  • SM81's (x4) - SM57's (x5) - Cascade Fatheads (x2) - Audix DP-ELITE 8 Drum Mic Kit - Shure Beta 52A - SM58 (x5), and much more. 

  • Neumann TLM 103 (Black and Silver)

  • SM7B w/cloud lifter

  • And many more...

  • Avalon 737

  • ART Pro MPA II

  • ART Pro-VLA II

  • Mackie Onyx 800R

  • Focusrite 18i20 
    ... and more. 

  • JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer

  • JBL LSR 6" Powered Studio Monitors

  • Yamaha 8" Powered Studio Monitors ("B" mix)

  • Samson S-phone 4-Ch Headphone Mixer/Amplifier

  • Ibanez Bass Guitar

  • 7 assorted electric guitars

  • Sub 37 Synthesizer

  • Fender Deluxe

  • Fender Twin Reissue

  • Fender Blues Deluxe, original

  • Fender Blues Deluxe, Reissue

  • Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier w/Mesa Boogie Amplifier

  • Full Drum Kit (x2) with various cymbals/snares

  • and much more...

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